Professional Development from Body Therapy Institute
The Center for Embodied Education


The Center for Embodied Education offers opportunities for teacher training and educational leadership that are grounded in the wisdom of bodily experience and the dignity of each individual. We recognize the value and contribution of diverse perspectives to enrich the learning environment. Faculty members honor the unique history, skills, gifts, challenges and talents of each student.

Whether you are a practitioner or coach who wants to learn how to better educate your clients; a beginning teacher; a seasoned instructor in a school of massage or somatic therapies; a provider of continuing education seminars; or a healthcare educator – the Center will help you become more skillful, effective and satisfied in your work.

Our whole-person approach to learning focuses on:

  • Developing the mind – to make sound decisions
  • Developing the emotions – to communicate what you care about
  • Developing the spirit – to bring your dreams and visions into form
  • Developing the body – to take effective action