Preparation and Assignments for S1 – Zoom Class 1

PREPARATION Use your journaling notes and answers to questions on Ground to consider the following:a) Your bodily experience, feelings and thoughts regarding groundb) How is ground a fundamental educational metaphor as well as practice for building the somatic capacity of stability? Be prepared to introduce yourself to our learning community in a one-minute introduction. This … Read more


Definition of Roots: Nounthe part of a plant which grows into the ground for anchorage, support and stability as well as absorbing nutrients, carrying water and nourishment to the rest of the plant Verbto establish deeply and firmly Somatic Practice: Roots Seeking Ground Stand with feet on the ground; shoulders width apartArms and hands relaxed at … Read more

Welcome and New Beginnings

Welcome to the beginning, the point at which this program starts. Many words speak to this moment – opening, unfolding, emergence, birth, dawn. Beginnings evoke myriad thoughts, feelings, hopes, memories. Each of you arrives here in your own way and at your own pace. Beginnings, by their very nature, hold what is not yet known, … Read more